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Prosthetic Dentistry

For patients who have missing teeth, Q Dental offers both removable and fixed prosthetic options to help you achieve your dream smile.
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Prosthetic Dentistry

For patients who have missing teeth, Q Dental offers both removable and fixed prosthetic options to help you achieve your dream smile. Below are the main services we offer in prosthetic dentistry:


A fixed dental prosthesis, a bridge is made by attaching a fake tooth to either side of a real tooth. Alternatively, the prosthesis can be attached to a dental implant, in the case your natural tooth is gone or can not support the fake ones. Known as an implant-supported bridge, this second option relies on dental implants to stabilize the crowns and prostheses.

Here at Q Dental, we use bridges to help spruce up your natural smile by restoring adjacent teeth. The placement process is similar to that of a crown, but two implants are required if strong natural teeth are not available as anchors.


Removable partial dentures, or “partials,” are made to attach to your existing teeth using precision attachments, which can be made of metal or natural-looking materials. These inserts are built to be removed for cleaning, but meant to be kept in for chewing and speaking. Partials are a good option for patients missing some teeth, but who have enough natural teeth or dental implants to serve as a base for the dentures.

At first, it may require some practice removing and re-inserting the partial dentures, but with time you will grow accustomed to them and should see positive improvements. Our staff of trained professionals will also check the fit of your partial dentures at your routine checkups, to adjust them as needed and ensure maximum comfort.



If you need to replace an entire arch of teeth, dentures may be a good option for you. Dentures can be fixed or removable, depending on the nature of your situation. They are made in the form of artificial teeth and gums, custom-tailored by your dentist to fit your mouth and teeth. In order to be a candidate for fixed dentures, all of your existing natural teeth must be extracted to make room for the appliance.

When dentures are fixed, they are usually held in place by four implants, making them much less likely to slide around in your mouth. Dentures also mimic the natural gum line, which keeps the structure of the mouth by supporting the face, while providing you with a beautiful, natural smile.


The most wide-sweeping and long-lasting solution to severe tooth loss is dental implants. Regarded as the golden standard of tooth restoration, implants can be used to replace just one tooth or to replace them all.

The actual implant procedure and recovery process depend on which treatment path you pursue. A full-arch restoration, for example, may require months of recovery, whereas the “Teeth in a Day” procedure may only require a few days to a week of recovery time. The cost of the procedure also varies significantly depending on the scope of the operation.

Generally, though, the implant is screwed into the jawbone and capped with a dental prosthesis. Because the implant is designed to fuse with the bone, it is permanent and just as strong as a natural tooth. Implants are by far the most practical long-term solution to the loss of multiple teeth.

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As you can see, here at Q Dental we offer a wide range of restorative treatment options. When considering prosthetic dentistry, this provides you with choices, which you can then discuss with our experienced team.

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